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Clark Brevig

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The Brevig ranch began when Clark’s grandfather relocated his family from Belt, Montana to the Lewistown Area.  The ranch operation was involved in forage, sheep and cattle production.  Eventually Clark’s parents Charles and Helen Brevig took over the ownership and management of the ranch.  In addition to the production of commercial Angus, sheep, forage and grain crops a commercial trucking business and insurance agency was added.   After Charles’ premature death in 1982 Clark took over the management of the ranch.  By this time the sheep production had ended and Charolais bulls were reintroduced to use on the commercial Angus herd.   Other changes involved the closing of the trucking operation and the expansion of the  Insurance Agency to crop/hail lines.   After several years of trying to find Charolais bulls that disposition allowed  for easy handling, Clark and now with his wife Gail, began to look at raising their own bulls.  In 1989, the first pure bred  Charolais mother cows were purchased.  The foundation herd was strongly influenced by the Skymont Charolais program out of Billings, Montana and Batey Charolais in Forsyth, Montana.  By 1994, the Charolais herd had grown and the decision was made to replace the remaining commercial Angus cattle with all purebred Charolais.  Since that time we have been solely raising registered Charolais cattle.



Our cattle have to work in the foothill country with little pampering, the winters can be long with harsh temperatures well below zero and the summers can be hot and dry.  The ranch is in short grass country where the gravelly soil requires frequent “drinks” of water either through snowfall or rain.   The phrase “we are always 10 days away from a drought” is often used to describe our area.  This environment challenges our cattle to perform.  We are proud of the performance our cattle have recorded year after year.   The cattle are range raised in pastures that have both varying grass cover and water sources.  The performance records are kept to reflect the varying pasture conditions.  We feel this gives a complete picture of the dam’s and their offspring’s abilities.  



Since the beginning of the purebred Charolais division of the ranch the focus has remained the same.    We make genetic selections that are based on calving ease ability, the ability to produce high weaning weights and carcass merit.  These traits are what our customers view as key elements in remain successful in the feeder market business.    We can proudly say that we have three herd sires as Trait leaders in calving ease.   LT Wind Time 7070 is 2nd in Maternal Calving Ease, with LT Easy Air 3920 Pld ET ranked 8th and BCR Chinook Time 2000 ranked 23th in Calving Ease along with that seven of our herd sires’ EPD for marbling places them in the top 15% for the breed with two of the seven in the top 4% and one, RA Big Mac 1091 falling in the top 1%.  Calving ease and high performing cattle that have gentle dispositions are our priority.


A Family Operation

Clark, Gail and their boys Cole and Chase own and operate the Brevig Ranch.   It is a family operation with a long history in the Central Montana Area.   Clark and Gail’s families have been in this area ranching as well as operating other businesses for more than 100 years.   We are proud of the long history we have in the Central Montana and with Cole and Chase’s interest in returning to the ranch, we are excited about the future.   With our long history of ranching and the need to look towards the future our program is built on a solid foundation of maternal traits in our dams.  We stay focused on building a program that will produce high performance cattle year after year, whether it is a heifer or bull we have the same priority, calving ease, high performance and carcass merit as well as quiet disposition.  Our program is anchored in proven bloodlines as well as the  blending of new genetics.  We are proud of our herd and our accomplishments.